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Saturday, November 8, 2008


No threats implied just fact, no assumptions implied just fact. Your pretty informed with what went on their, so you fail once again in back stepping. You went to eat with them and your step by step play you are defenitely in the circle of frauds.

For Mr. Aguiar to attempt to use my article to prove a "conspiracy" as he puts it, that in all actuallity, in my presence did not happen, is complete fabrication and misuse of my article.

You were their your article was quite informative. And I know what I know.

The group of instructors seemed to hit it off well as the conversation lightened. They spoke of Dwyer, Keehan and made fun of common enemies. At one point one of the quests played a video he had made which consisted of some martial art group demonstrating to a sound track of a comedic Mel Brooks movie that was especially funny. Shepherd then made the comment that he got blamed for making the video and the quest that had brought it for all to see quickly apologized to him. The hilarious video proved to be a bonding moment for Shepherd and Sensei Cayer as they laughed hysterically. It was obvious both men had seen the video for the first time.

Its the men in tights video, so you fail again. Its self explanatory you need not go over it again.

And what threats, you helped me out by posting it, I bet you made some enemies on that side from this one. You better worry about them not me whistle blower.

Thursday, November 6, 2008
I am not a professional journalist or writer I just do some writing for a hobby. So you can imagine how surprised I was when an article of mine illicted threats from one called William Aguiar. I made no comment about him or his organization nor did I mention him in my article or hear his name mentioned when I was at the seminar.

However, Mr. Aguiar attempted to make some very broad assumptions about what went on at the seminar even though he wasn't there. Looking to read between the lines for a message to him that did not exist, except only in his mind.

Apparently the fact that I did not mention him or do a negative article on a certain group of people brings about Mr. Aguiar's threatening behavior. When I offered a post script to rebute his broad assumptions I got hit with phrases like "man up or shut up" and that "I should nt have talked" used as if he would do me bodily harm if I didnt write something that was more to his liking. He misread my post script as backing up on my statements, which not a one of my statements did I back pedal on.