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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ashida Kim falling apart

I have some info I want to share so take it for what it is worth. Apparently there has been a falling out of sorts with some in the BDFSI or BDFS what ever they are calling themselves. People have been leaving the bdfs or having their names removed from the membership page due to the fact that Day, Ashida Kim and others have added peoples names to the page without their knowledge or consent. Apparently Day is just handing out rank to get members as well. There is an attempt to make things appear bigger than they seem. I have been told there were at least half dozen people whose names were added without thier knowledge a few current members who have been promoted to entice them to join.I have noticed that barron's name isnt on the members page. It has been gone for at least a couple of months now. I am told that Day and Kim used Barron to host a seminar with some kajukenbo guy earlier this year and ran out on the seminar without paying. promising to pay at the next seminar and then not showing up to any more to the other seminars. I am assuming Day and Kim dicked Baron like Credon did and that is why he isnt saying anything as far as Day and Kim or anything pertaining to the BDFS.Apparently Day keeps adding names to the members list. I have noticed the membership list get smaller and then get bigger over the past month. Can anyone confirm this? I think fallriver has Day to worry about and not Baron who they have kept bringing up. I am pretty sure this isnt the way to build an organization. It appears to me that Day and Kim are trying to link themselves to actual martial artists to make them seem like they are more legit.